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Eleanor Ruth Fisher, Visionary Art

Welcome to Eleanor’s world.¬† Step across the threshold to a place where everything is possible, as you are introduced to the magic of painting with glass shards!

Introduction of a Unique Art Form

For the new or experienced art collector, this is an opportunity to own a Unique piece of art that cannot be duplicated. Each work starts with the initial image painted in acrylic on canvas. Then there begins the process of applying layer upon layer of glass and other materials to produce the final result. The glass and other materials are cut with diamond-bladed water saws or simply with special tools in the palm of her hand. The layering of these materials, especially the glass, contributes to their luminosity and vibrancy of color.

We are happy to greet you at our home gallery in Lynn, MA. Please call ahead for an appointment: 1-781-595-4667 or fill out the contact form here.

About Eleanor’s Artistic Visions, LLC

Find original mixed media art for sale at Eleanor’s Artistic Visions, LLC in Lynn, Massachusetts. Eleanor sells sophisticated landscapes, still lifes, fantasy themes, and portraiture paintings enhanced with glass shards and other materials for art lovers of all ages. Her works begin with a complete painting on canvas and end with the application of glass and other materials to create finished works that delight and amaze the visual and physical senses! Her art never fails to leave people with enhanced appreciation for the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

Eleanor underwent brain surgery in 1991 and came out of that with renewed health and energy and added fine art painting to her already busy schedule as a Therapist. She is a self-taught artist whose impressionist paintings are first put on canvas with oil or acrylic and then enhanced with glass shards and other materials. Beyond selling her work, Eleanor’s vision is to inspire others to learn how to embrace their creativity and move to a place that is without fear or boundaries She knows that when people are creating what their passions tell them to create they are no longer depressed or anxious. Purchase one of her pieces today, enliven your home or office with her bold, passionate works, and see what makes her artwork special.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. Eleanor looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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