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Eleanor Fisher is an enormously energetic and creative artist who has stretched our conceptions of the glass oeuvre and
combined many mediums in unexpected and innovative ways.
~ Norman Laliberte

The first time I saw Eleanor’s work I burst into tears! A whole new world revealed itself and drew me in. What a privilege to own one of
her rare, exquisite, and emotionally freeing masterpieces.
~ Juliette Guidara

Eleanor’s works move you to a world of light, happiness and freedom. Her extraordinary talent deserves to be recognized
worldwide for the gifts she brings to the public.
~ Dominique Boutaud

I love seeing the painting “Judith” by Eleanor every morning. She inspires my femininity.
~ Judy Cunha

Owning her painting “Goddess Alessandra” has opened new portals for me.
~ Sandra Willmer

When you first see her art it’s like a sucker punch to the soul. Her art is larger than life.
~ Jonathan Willmer, MD

Eleanor Fisher is working in a medium rarely seen creating an impossibly impressionistic piece with shards of glass
affixed over her paintings.
~ Suzanne Schultz

Eleanor’s work is magical, representing her life story; her art flows and speaks the language of her heart.
~ Katerina Nenshati

Eleanor is an amazingly gifted and intuitive artist who captured the essence of my “Deborah Illuminata” with sparkling
glass shards.
~ Deborah Nightingale, PhD

Eleanor Fisher’s artistic vision is creative, vibrant, and new, combining mediums we have never before seen together.
The paintings are easy to get lost in and change depending on the light and movement. Wonderful!
~ Seyrel and Chris Williams