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Eleanor Fisher’s venture, Eleanor’s Artistic Visions, LLC in Lynn, Massachusetts, offers art for sale, which includes landscape paintings and glass mosaics. Learn more about Eleanor’s vision in her own words below:

“My dreams have always been vivid, lucid, and colorful. While dreaming, I was told by the many masters, whose work I studied and learned from, that I was ready to ‘paint with glass.’ Their directions were, ‘smash glasses and we’ll guide you. You are ready to paint with glass. You have learned enough from us.’ That was my introduction to painting with glass.

“Next, I looked around my home at my paintings, wondering which one would be my first. The long one in my foyer, 3×5 feet with a spiritual motif and three levels, said, ‘Paint me, I’m the first.’

“I did not hesitate. I brought it up to my studio, set it up on my easel, and began working on the long flight of stairs. The picture contained portals to other realms, and seemed to make itself. I used some of my old jewelry, and various elements from the garden and the beach. I called that painting ‘Meditation.’ It represents the place in which I live as I thank my guides for their directions.”